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2017, 2018, 2019


Seldom was I able to more deeply work through and engage with a bible passage as at the silent retreat.  Tom

It was my first silent retreat experience. I’d recommend it as great taster course as 24 hours silence is already a lot for a beginner! To be honest it was sometimes uncomfortable but there were many more positives than negatives and I enjoyed sharing the experience with a group. I enjoyed the fact that everyone had the freedom to choose which group sessions to attend and how to spend their time but there was a structure to the weekend. The location was beautiful and the booklet we used was stimulating and well put together    Stephen

For a first-timer at a silent retreat, everything was clearly explained, well organised with an excellent ratio between group sessions and alone time in a beautiful location … and the sun shone the whole weekend.  It far exceeded my expectations and the time with God was so very precious.  Looking forward to a return visit if dates allow.  Miriam

So 2018 was the shorter 2 day retreat:  A taster (so good) leaving me wanting more. Sheila

The retreat for me was an opportunity to really slow down and to explore different ways that God might speak to me.   Jonathan

A very relaxing weekend in beautiful surroundings with a lot of freedom on how to spend your time. I enjoyed the guided meditations, the prayer stations and meeting God in a very personal way.  Karen 

The silent retreat was a wonderful experience for me! A true opportunity to stop, listen and reflect – a luxury in our busy world! And I could even spoil myself a bit – with no schedule, good food and beautiful nature – all of these did well to my soul. Can’t wait for the next one :-)! Veronika

A time of rest, slowing down…

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The silent retreat in August 2019 was a tipping point, in a way. In the months that followed, I found that many things that were heavy became lighter- being able to forgive deep hurts, meeting Jesus in places of previous pain, etc. The one-on-one spiritual direction also provided me with the confidence to set stronger boundaries in a certain relationship that had been continually hurtful. 

It was a time of rest: slowing down, breathing deeply, and savoring the moments.

The retreat was a revelation for me

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selective focus photography of blue kingfisher

The retreat was a revelation for me. I was extremely apprehensive because I am someone who struggles with silence because I go into overthinking mode. But God revealed more of himself during this weekend through nature; creativeness; music; different ways of mediating… What at first had scared me, became a ressourcing experience. Roxanne

Karl M

Being hidden in His Sacred Tent

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The silent retreat for me was like being hidden in the shelter in His Sacred Tent in a community of family, together but individually, for refreshment, for rest and for preparation. The retreat served also as a practise for Good Life in daily living. A.