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Ann Milton

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Ann is a member of Holy Trinity Anglican church in Brussels, but has been involved with Roman Catholic,  Baptist and Pentecostal churches, so is relaxed in many ecumenical settings. A spiritual director (see elsewhere on the site for more details), she has helped to organise many women’s retreats, church services and homegroups. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Bristol and a Master’s degree from KULeuven. She is also a poet, wife and mother.

Sonja Stark

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Sonja who is originally from Germany has been in full-time vocational ministry in cross-cultural work and organizational leadership since 1995 and has lived in the US, in France and is now living in Belgium

She has been on the staff of Vineyard Brussels (Belgium) for the last 10 years, leading pastoral care and small groups. She has facilitated several silent retreats. 

For over 20 years, Sonja has also offered various forms of professional counseling as well as multiple styles of healing prayer. She helped Catholic and Protestant churches to set up support groups to give people a safe and spiritually supportive place to help them get in touch with their hearts and emotions and integrate their beliefs with their feelings and experiences. 

It has been hugely enriching to add Spiritual Direction to that mix. 

Sonja is also a certified Process Communication Model trainer and coach, and a certified Transactional Analyst and works as part time as therapist and counselor.

Bess Brooks

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Bess is a Reader-in-training  (a Lay Minister) in St Paul’s, Tervuren.  She moved to Brussels over 20 years ago and, after several years as a mum-at-home, she went back into education at the Faculty of Theology, KU Leuven – 6 years on, and with a Bachelors and Masters degree under her belt, she is part way through a Research Masters degree in Theology and has just published her first academic paper in the 2020 Journal of the European Society of Women in Theological Research:  “She Who is Invisible: A Glimpse of the Mothering God in the Church of England’s Eucharistic Prayers”.  She has been a member of the Godspace team for around 7 years.