About Us

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Godspace began several years ago as an initiative between St Paul’s Tervuren and the Vineyard Church, Brussels.   At first, we offered opportunities for relaxed exploration sessions into different ways of praying and thinking about God.  Three years ago, we realised that people were looking for something more. We developed the concept of weekends away, introducing people to the idea of silent prayer and reflection.  These highly accessible weekends usually take place at a spiritual retreat centre in Namur and offer the chance to experience 24-48 hours of silence interspersed with teaching on different approaches to prayer, lectio divina, journalling and so on.

Bess Brooks (St Paul’s Tervuren), Sonja Stark (Vineyard), and Ann Milton (Holy Trinity Brussels) bring their different backgrounds and experiences together to offer an ecumenical setting in which to spend unhurried time with God.  The way we teach reflects the practices that we have found useful in our own lives.  We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events or retreats in 2021.

Alongside specific events, we have developed this website as a prayer and meditation resource for anyone who is interested (launched 25 January 2021).  Click through the different menus to see what is helpful to you,  Everyone month one of us writes a reflection for further thought, so it’s worth returning to the site regularly to see what’s new.

Godspace – what is in a name?  

God Space – space to spend time with God in stillness and reflection in the busyness of life

God’s Pace – a way of describing the fact that our lives are lived ultimately within God, within the rhythm of the divine