GODSPACE QUIET AFTERNOON: an invitation to wait : Saturday November 27th

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As we enter the season of advent, can we hear God inviting us into a period of waiting?  Is waiting always passive or is there something active, a part we can play?  What does it mean to wait for the Christ-child when we’ve done so much waiting over the last two years? 

Godspace offers an afternoon’s retreat, to allow a small number of people to gather and take time to think, pray and reflect upon their waiting with God.

Leaders Bess Brooks, Ann Milton and Sonja Stark will guide us through the afternoon, including prayer, an imaginative meditation and a time for reflection. There will be a period of silence in which to walk, pray, write, draw, as people wish.  Our hope is that the afternoon will provide refreshment and a chance to prepare for advent with God.


What:  Afternoon retreat for up to 15 people, men and women (3 leaders, 12 participants)

Where:  St Anthony’s church, Kraainem (in the church hall and using the grounds)

When:  Saturday 27 November 2021

What time:  1.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Who is leading?:  Bess Brooks and Sonja Stark (St Paul’s, Tervuren),  Ann Milton (Holy Trinity, Brussels)

What does it cost:  5 euros to include coffee  – eat your lunch before you come!

Programme:  to include prayers, meditation on an Old Testament story, silent reflection on the Christmas Story and a chance to respond

How do I book?:  Click on this link 

 https://stpaulstervuren.churchsuite.com/events/iaki81bl and fill in the relevant details

How do I pay?: 

5 euros by bank transfer before 20 November 2021 to 

Account name: The Chaplain of St Paul’s,    IBAN: BE813 100 9133 8724,  BIC: BBRUBEBB,    

Address: Hoornzeelstraat 24, 3080 Tervuren

Please add the message “Godspace retreat 27 November 2021”

Questions?: Please email drawaside@godspace.eu and either Bess, Ann or Sonja will respondGodspace  (www.godspace.eu) is an ecumenical project with the aim of providing space for reflection for Christians in Belgium.  It is supported by St Paul’s, Tervuren (www.stpaulstervuren.org)

Retreat Programme

     13.30 arrive, coffee

                        13.45 welcome, explanation, 

                        14.00 prayer

                        14.15 imaginative meditation: Jacob waits for God’s blessing

                        14.45 reflection on characters from the nativity stories, introduced by the team and then time for the participants to reflect on their own

                        15.45 coffee and time to share if wished 

                        16.00 (approx.) soaking Taize music 

                        16.20 (approx) final thoughts and blessing

                        16.30 END

Please note:

1 minor details within the programme could be subject to change

2 Godspace is seeking to offer retreats to a variety of people so we are experimenting with timing. We hope this pattern of an afternoon will suit some who cannot or do not wish to give up the whole day.

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