Closing Prayer

Draw Aside – Return Refreshed

(Time of preparation – completing feedback forms and distribution of stones)

Prayer of Examen

The facilitator will guide us through the Prayer of Examen, reflecting back on this day and what God might be inviting us to notice.

The circle of stones

At the appropriate moment, you will be invited to place a stone in the centre of the circle to mark this time with God

Closing prayers

When you call us to leave behind the safe and unfamiliar
And follow you on a narrow and rocky path,
Exploring in unknown territory,
Christ of the way, be our guide,
And may cairns of stone mark our path.

When you speak to us in hidden ways
And we strain to hear your voice amidst the confusion,
Searching out the mysteries of your purpose,
Christ of the truth, help us to know you,
And may the glow of candles lighten our way.

When you invite us to let go of regret
And being to see new possibilities,
Dreaming dreams of hope and promise,
Christ of life, inspire and renew us,
And enfold us in your love.

We continue our journey delighting in the love of the God who creates and calls us.
We continue our journey, carrying the light of the Gospel of Christ, shining fo hope and justice.
We continue our journey, trusting in the living Spirit,
Who leads us into truth and freedom.

May we go on our way with joy and courage;
And may the God who creates, heals and sustains the world go with us.

(From Naming God by Jan Berry, Granary/URC Publications 2011, p 64).You are invited to retrieve your stone and take it home as a reminder of today.