Draw aside – return refreshed

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Day Retreat 28 August 2021

As we emerge from the strangeness of the last year/ 18 months, with all that has meant for us, our loved ones and our Church communities, perhaps we need a moment to reflect on what has happened and to gather strength or a new perspective for the future.  Godspace offers a day retreat, where a small number of people can gather and take time to think, pray and imagine.

Leaders Bess Brooks, Ann Milton and Sonja Stark will guide us through prayers for our time, meditations on the psalms and there will be periods of silence in which to walk, pray, write, draw, as people wish.  Our hope is that the day will provide refreshment and a chance to (re)focus on God and to think about the future.

What are we offering?


What:  Day retreat for up to 15 people (3 leaders, 12 participants)

Where:  La Bergerie, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, www.fbp.be 

When:  Saturday 28 August 2021

What time:  10 am – 3 pm

Who is leading?:  Bess Brooks and Sonja Stark (St Paul’s, Tervuren),  Ann Milton (Holy Trinity, Brussels)

What does it cost:  15 euros to include coffee and cold drinks – please bring your own packed lunch

Programme:  to include prayers for our time, meditations on the psalms, opportunities for silent reflection and creative response – see full programme below or on website www.godspace.eu

How do I book?:  Click on this link https://stpaulstervuren.churchsuite.com/events/jo1gjrg9  and fill in the relevant details

How do I pay?:  15 euros by bank transfer before 21 August 2021 to

Account name: The Chaplain of St Paul’s,    IBAN: BE813 100 9133 8724, 


Address: Hoornzeelstraat 24, 3080 Tervuren

Please add the message “Godspace retreat 28 August 2021”

Questions?: Please email drawaside@godspace.eu and either Bess, Ann or Sonja will respond

Godspace  (www.godspace.eu) is an ecumenical project with the aim of providing space for reflection for Christians in Belgium.  It is supported by St Paul’s, Tervuren (www.stpaulstervuren.org)

day retreat programme

10.00   Coffee

10.15   Introduction

10.30   Welcome liturgy/ prayers

11.00   Reflection on a psalm of lament (lectio divina)

11.30   Personal response – time to walk, pray, reflect, write….

12.10   Sharing response (if wished)

12.30   Lunch (please bring own sandwiches, drinks provided)

13.00   Midday prayer

13.10   Reflection on psalm of joy/ looking forward (lectio divina)

13.30   Response – time to walk, pray, reflect, write…., to consider the future with a new perspective.

14.10   Sharing response (if wished)

14.30   Closing liturgy/ prayers

15.00   End

Please note: minor details within the programme could be subject to change

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