Launch of website today!

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Welcome to the new website, launched on 25 January 2021! We offer prayer resources for all, a monthly blog on which you can reflect over the following few weeks and details of our Silent Retreats and other prayer events which take place in Belgium this year. Please visit our site regularly to keep yourself updated.

Bess, Sonja and Ann

4 Replies to “Launch of website today!”

  1. Thanks for this great initiative. I would personally not have total silence but periods of silence intermingled with activity in common – discussion group, speaker, film, worship…. nice food would be great, but not essential. Rather, nutritious food would be good. Nice grounds yes, but “manicuring” not necessary.

    1. Many thanks for this constructive feedback, Sue. Glad you like the initiative. Just to clarify – our Silent Retreats combine extended periods of general silence interspersed, as you suggest, with a programme of teaching on/practice of various forms of prayer, listening to music, ideas for meditation, journalling and so on. It is up to the individual participant how much s/he joins in with these activities or not. The food at Emmaus House is nutritious and plentiful and the grounds are lovely but not in any sense over the top.

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